The United States Residential Real Estate market is in the middle of the largest wealth redistribution since the 1930s Great Depression. The housing bubble from 2001 – 2005 has burst and large numbers of properties are ending up in the hand of the lenders / mortgage holders. They are willing to take large discounts in order to sell the unwanted foreclosed properties.

This correction has created opportunities to buy high quality residential real estate with excellent cashflow for discounted prices!

Discounted Rental Houses with proven cashflow

The US lenders extreme over-reaction to the market crash, has kept a lot of buyers out of the market, forcing sellers to accept even lower prices to sell their properties.

By focusing on areas with limited new construction and good stable economies, we can find excellent, stable investments at great prices!

Done Up Homes with good tenants

There are American Property owners who purchased rental properties 9-12 months ago with short term financing, expecting to refinance with long term financing who are no longer able to get long term financing under the new credit regime.

Normally these properties were renovated at time of purchase and now have tenants, and so produce immediate cashflow.

Tenants are normally on 12 month contracts with 12 month extensions.

First home buyer neighbourhoods in stable cities

We focus on houses that are in first home buyer suburbs (highest demand for rental and resale).

We only invest in cities with a stable economy & population to minimise risk to values and ensure occupant demand.

We only buy free standing houses with sections. The kind of houses local families want to live in.