At Foundation Investments we understand what makes a good investment because we are active investors ourselves. We know what investors look for in their investments and we know what it takes to be a success.

We believe that investment is about performance (acceptable returns) and trust (being able to rely on people doing what they say).

Investing rule #1 at Foundation Investments is: We follow our rules. We are committed to clearly defining expectations, delivering on them and keeping going until completion.

The rest of the investing rules fundamental to Foundation Investments are:
#1: We follow our rules
#2: We must profit when we buy
#3: View from the market’s eye
#4: Plan the work and work the plan
#5: No surprises – Communication is key

We work with our investors face to face providing a professional, personal and knowledgeable service. Our fee structure means for us to do well, our investors must do well.

Choosing to partner with Foundation Investments means choosing to work with a company who is there beside you the entire time. We understand the property market, investment techniques that work, and we have the connections with trusted advisors and suppliers to ensure a quality product for our investors.